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A prank is a practical joke characterized as good natured or malicious. Most people implement pranks simply to have fun. Other times, the prankster does it for revenge. Regardless of your reason, here is a list of phone pranks that you will love.

Some companies offer services that involve placing prank calls. All you need to do is call the company's number and request the type of prank you want from a series of categories. One you select the desired prank, you dial the unsuspecting person's number and a recorder takes care of the rest. You can stay on the phone to hear your friend's responses. If you are requesting the call for revenge reasons, you never have to tell him that you originated the call.

Another way to execute a phone prank is to call a radio station that does prank calls. If you know that your neighbor or friend is expecting a call after a job interview, or some type of service, give that information to the person at the radio station along with the person's name and phone number. The radio station will call your friend or acquaintance and ask silly questions. All you need to do is listen to his reaction.

A third way to implement a phone joke is to place a message on the computer screen while your co-worker is out to lunch. Use a slip from a telephone message book that says "while you were out" at the top. Look up the number to the pet center, but do not write the business' name just the phone number. Request that your friend call Mr. Byrd.

When he dials the number, he will hear the following greeting: Good afternoon, ABC Pet Center, may I help you? When your co-worker asks for Mr. Byrd, they will know that it is a prank. Another option is to write down the telephone number to the zoo on the message along with a request to call Mr. Lyon.

These are just a few ideas. If you use your imagination, you can come up with many more. Execute your prank ideas when people least expect it, and you will have a great time making people laugh.