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It has become somewhat of a tradition to play a senior class prank. Everyone is expected to contribute to the senior prank. However, part of that challenge has always been coming up with prank ideas that are creative and different from anything done in the past. When planning pranks, high school seniors will want to play a prank that is both memorable and looked favorably upon by school administration.

Plumbing Problems

Several prank ideas that seniors might use at the end of the year have to do with the plumbing within the school. For one of these prank ideas, members of the senior class could purchase live goldfish and place them in each and every toilet. Another idea is to position seniors in front of a major bathroom and have them turn people away, saying that the plumbing is broken. Finally, one of the funniest prank ideas involving plumbing can be executed by opening the showerheads in the locker rooms and putting red food dye inside. When the showers are used, the water will be a scary red color.

Car Comedy

Depending on the resources available, there are several prank ideas for seniors that involve one or more cars. One idea is to somehow get a hold of a lifting machine and lift the principal's car onto the roof of the school. However, this trick should only be attempted if it can be safely executed, and if the principal in question has a good sense of humor. Other prank ideas involving cars are not as risky. Set up an obstacle course in the parking lot for teachers and students alike to be faced with, or coordinate seniors to drive their cars around the parking lot in a particular pattern, like a figure eight.

Publicity Stunts

For pranks that involve the entire school, the easiest way to reach a large amount of people is through a publicity stunt. For those on the newspaper staff, an easy prank idea is to create a fake newspaper to distribute instead of or in conjunction with the regular edition. Come up with news stories that aren't true, but could conceivably be true, and publish them in the paper. Another stunt that involves a lot of publicity can be done by choosing a wacky cartoon character and printing up several hundred fliers featuring that character. Then, post the fliers around the school and watch the reaction.

Student Body Tricks

For one of the other top ten senior prank ideas, each senior could bring a beach chair. Some could be in charge of bringing umbrellas and coolers. Set up the scene in the senior locker bay, and wait for the confused looks of people passing by. Another idea is to assign each senior another senior to switch places with, and allow everyone to follow different schedules for the day. This would be a switch up for the students, and confusion for the teachers.

Make a Mark

There are so many prank ideas for seniors to try before they graduate. If executed properly, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on the school.

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