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Groups of friends are notorious for pulling pranks on one another, especially groups of guys. Teenage and adolescent boys are known for doing funny, crude, and often times disgusting things to their friends. From an outsider's standpoint, it can seem a little cruel or silly to keep doing mean and gross things to each other in the name of friendship, but these are acts that have been going on for years. Some groups of friends have ongoing pranks going back and forth, and it can get difficult to come up with new prank. Now we will explore the best prank ideas to get your buddies back for that last prank they pulled on you.

Unique Prank Ideas

When searching for the ideal prank, it is important to find some prank ideas that are fresh and innovative. You want a better prank that the person who originally pulled the prank on you, but it can sometimes be difficult to find. If you are trying to get back at a coworker, try doing something ridiculously simple that will screw up their entire day, such as switching the n and the m keys on their keyboard. They most likely will not notice it. It is especially effective if their password has an n or an m in it. They will be scratching their head at first, and then get extremely irritated until they realize the problem.

Crude Prank Ideas

If you are trying to get back at a friend outside of work and can do something cruder, here are a couple of prank ideas for you involving restroom humor. You can put super glue on a friend's toilet seat. They will be too embarrassed to really seek help from others, and they will have to beg you to help them remove the toilet seat. Since it is removable with a little bit of nail polish remover, it is the perfect come back to an equally crude prank pulled on you. Also, you could remove the door knob from a bathroom while a friend is having a bowel movement. If everything works as planned, the room will smell too badly for your friend to seek help. If you stand by the window, you might even be able to catch a picture of him sneaking out.