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One of the best things about the television show The Office is all the pranks that everyone plays on each other. Every episode gives its audience something hilariously funny to laugh at. Though it is hard to decide what the ten best pranks are, here is a list of 10 prank ideas based on the show. Hopefully, you will think these are the 10 funniest pranks, too. These prank ideas are listed in no particular order.

10. Jim is running the staff meeting while Michael is out of the office on vacation. Dwight comes in the meeting with a tape recorder telling Jim that he needs to record the meeting so that Michal knows what is going on. Everything is fine for a few minutes as Jim begins the meeting normally, but then he asks Dwight what he is doing, because he can't take off his pants in a meeting as it makes him uncomfortable. Dwight of course is dumbfounded because he hasn't taken off his pants, and he realizes that all of this is being recorded for Michael. Jim continues the prank by yelling, "Oh my God! He has a knife!" He continues by saying, "Let the record show that Dwight is now completely nude and is holding a plastic knife to Stanley's throat!"

9. Jim opens a ceiling tile above Andy's office (with Andy's cell phone in hand) and Pam watches to make sure no one is coming. Jim and Pam then place Andy's cell phone in the ceiling and close the tile, and begin taking turns calling Andy's phone while watching Andy go crazy.

8. For several months, Pam has sent letters to Dwight from the CIA. After she has him confess several secrets he promised to never tell, she alerts him of a mission he has been chosen for. Jim contacts him as a CIA agent and lets him know that a helicopter will be picking him up. As he waits, he gets a text message that says, "Mission Aborted, you have been compromised, destroy your phone." He then throws his cell phone into the river.

7. Using stationary that he took from Dwight before, Jim faxes him messages from the future. One such message reads, "At 8AM someone poisons the coffee. Do NOT drink the Coffee!" Dwight then tackles Stanley as he is about to drink the coffee.

6. Jim and Pam submit Dwight's resume to Monster, Craigslist, and Google in hopes that he will find something out of state and transfer out of the office.

5. Jim convinces Dwight that it's Friday, when it's really Thursday.

4. Jim notices that Dwight likes the lady who is selling purses, and thus convinces him that he should go buy one because it is cool for men to carry a purse. He comes out with a black reptile skin purse.

3. Jim pays all the employees $5 to call Dwight "Dwayne" all day long. This one could get expensive, but it's fun if you have someone in your office that you could do this to.

2. Jim puts all of Dwight's office supplies in the vending machine, and then helps him out with a bag of nickels (because he doesn't have his wallet) so that he can buy his office supplies back.

1. Jim places a bloody glove in Dwight's desk trying to convince him that he had killed someone. Instead, Dwight believes that Jim killed someone.

Be cautious, but have fun if you decide to practice any of these prank ideas on your friends at work!