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Most people who have attended college consider their college years the best years of their life. They recall these years as being filled laughter, fun, and excitement. Pranks generally play a big part of a college student's life. If you are new in college and need some prank ideas, here is a list to help you.

Replace your friend's shampoo with baby oil. The next time your friend shampoos his hair, he will come out of the shower with an oily, slick look. If there is a community toilet on the floor, lock the door from the inside. You may need to tie the door handle with a piece of rope. Place a pair of boots in front of the toilet to make it appear as if someone is sitting on the seat. Watch people rattle about it. They will think that the same person is still using the toilet.

Take three pigs, goats, or roosters and hang nametags around their neck. Name them one, two, and four. Watch the faculty personnel spend the whole day looking for number three.

Come up with a fictitious restaurant name and address. Print flyers to advertise its grand opening, and offer free food for the first 100 guests. Pin up the flyers on bulletin boards all over campus. Watch hungry students wander around looking for the restaurant.

Call a fast food place and place a large order for delivery. Give them your friend's room number. Make sure that he is in his room for the delivery. Watch his confusion, as he won't know how to explain it.

Pranks can keep you from getting bored and make time go faster, but if not careful, you could cause injury or harm to others. Be selective and use good judgment. By doing this, your pranks can result in harmless fun.