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Funny Prank Ideas For Kids
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If your child comes to you for some ideas on how to pull pranks on their friends, you're faced with quite a challenge. First, you want to give your kids some prank ideas that are safe. You also want them to have fun while doing it. There are many fun and safe prank ideas for kids that will have everyone laughing in the end.

The Safety Aspect

Prank ideas should always include safety. It should be a given that they should never include knives or any sharp objects, moving vehicles or objects, and they should be harmless enough to just get them dirty, make them a little embarrassed, and leave them laughing. As long as you give your kids some prank ideas that will leave them injury free, let them loose to wreak havoc. Tell them the most important thing is to have fun not to hurt anyone.

It's Prank Time

Some good prank ideas for kids include making their friends think they stink when they really don't and pretending like their friends can't hear them when they're talking. They can also put whipped cream in their friend's palm while they're sleeping and then gently tickling their nose so that they'll slap it all over their face. Another option involves putting their friend's hand in warm water while they're sleeping so that they'll wet their pants. The last two are perfect for sleepovers. They may include bit of cleanup, but they will definitely provide lots of laughs.

Again, make sure the prank ideas are safe and that they provide lots of laughs. You want the kids to remain friends after the pranks are pulled, and safe and fun pranks will do all that while creating lots of laughter in the process. In fact, some pranks ideas can actually bring friends closer together. It's amazing how prank ideas can solidify a bond between friends. Pulling pranks on a friend leaves one open to retaliation. Explain to your kids that pulling prank ideas on their friends may leave themselves open to have the similar pranks pulled on them.

Get Involved

To make things really fun, you as the parent can get involved in pulling the prank ideas on your kid's friends. Having an adult go along with it will be unexpected for the victim and it will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Just make sure that you don't get the victim's parents angry. The goal is to have fun and that's why pranks are pulled in the first place. If the pranks aren't fun, they're interpreted as mean and may cause hard feeling amongst friends.