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The Best Prank Ideas in History
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Every person has a mischievous playful side. Some businesses' success is due to people's desire for laughter and entertainment. Here are three pranks that became so successful in fooling people that they are part of the best-in-history prank list.

The first prank took place on April 1, 1957. A news show, Panorama, featured a news report about Swiss farmers that were reaping a spaghetti crop due to a mild winter. Footage of families picking pasta from trees played in the background as the show's anchor, Richard Dimbleby, reported on the spaghetti crop. Surprisingly, there was an overwhelming response of callers wanting to know how they could grow their own spaghetti trees. Charles de Jaeger orchestrated this prank and was able to carry it out with the anchor's help.

The second prank was not intentional. It occurred on October 30, 1938 when a radio show, an adaptation of H. G. Well's, War of the Worlds, was broadcasted. Amazingly, people believed that Martians were invading planet earth, even though it was stated four times during the show that it was a fictional story.

The third best prank in history is a modern day, Internet hoax involving Rick Astley. Approximately 25 million Internet users were part of the phenomenon known as Rickrolling. Rick Astley's video, "Never Gonna Give You Up," appeared under different names of other popular video titles. This hoax had so much success that on April 1, 2008, YouTube made all of its single featured videos on the front page a Rickroll.

Since then, other major websites and online journals have copied the trick. Livejournal even introduced a new board member and set it up so that his profile led to a Rickroll.

Rickrolling now takes place on TV shows, train stations, and sports stadiums. Additionally, the campaign against Scientology also uses this trick. When carried out with good judgment, prank ideas can create a bond with other people, and they can help to de-stress from the everyday stresses of life. Pranks give you an opportunity to cheer others up and create moments that you will cherish in the future.