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Why Prank Ideas Are Fun for Everyone

Nothing gets laughs like a good prank. Pranks aren't really something you do to strangers. Pulling a prank on a stranger is considered mean because you don't know how that person will react. However, prank ideas pulled on your friends are a great way to make them laugh while embarrassing them. Just make sure you plan the prank correctly, and make sure your friend isn't going to offense to it or else they may not be your friend for much longer.

How Long Have You Known the Person

The first rule of pulling a prank on a friend is that you should only pull pranks on those people who you've been friends with for a while. By that time, you've formed a bond with that person and your friendship will withstand a prank. If you think your friendship will survive the prank, you need to come up with a good prank idea. There are pranks that are innocent and harmless and then there are those really nasty pranks which should only be reserved for the best friends. Anyone less than a best friend is sure to look elsewhere for friendship once a really nasty prank is pulled.

Innocent and Harmless

An innocent and harmless prank idea can be anything from making a person believe they stink when they really don't to prank calling them on the phone. These don't do any damage and provide laughs and a tad bit of embarrassment. These types of pranks are fun for everyone and they can be used on any friend, even one you've only known for a few weeks.

Nasty Pranks

These pranks should only be reserved for the most solid of friendships. While fun for everyone else, including observers, they may not be fun to the person you're pulling the prank idea on. Hopefully they'll come around soon and laugh it off with everyone else. These pranks include things such as toilet papering the front yard, putting saran wrap over the toilet seat, and even putting lunch meat in the ear piece of their office phone. These pranks are hilarious when executed correctly. They do include clean up and they could make the person mad. If they're a friend, they'll forgive you and laugh it off.

The rule of good pranks is what goes around comes around. Watch your back, because your friends are likely to get you back good.

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