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Drunken people are funny. They slur their words, they'll tell you the same story three or four times, and they have no balance whatsoever. If you happen to be the sober one in the group, it would help to have a few prank ideas in your back pocket so that you can teach your drunken friends a lesson. However, even drunk strangers are fun to pull prank ideas on so having a few of these prank ideas in mind will liven up any party or get together.

Beware the Powers of Alcohol

Alcohol does make people act funny, but it also makes people think they're tougher than they actually are. Alcohol will cause even the most non-confrontational person to get in your face and want to fight. So if you're going to pull a prank idea on one or more drunken people, make sure you're not getting yourself into a dangerous situation. Make sure there are other sober people around and make sure the person doesn't sustain injuries. Make sure the prank ideas you pull are funny enough to cause everyone to laugh, including the person or people you're pulling the prank on.


So what kinds of pranks are great for those too intoxicated to function correctly? The prank ideas you can come up with are pretty much limitless. Depending on how drunk the person is, they'll pretty much fall for anything. If you're at the bar, take their cell phone and put it in your pocket. They will look for it all night long. You can also put the phone somewhere close by and keep calling it so they hear their own ring tone. Make sure they don't find it. You should be able to move it every time they get close without them knowing. You can usually get away with things with drunken people that you couldn't if they were sober.

At The Bar

A good prank idea to pull on drunken people at the bar is the beer tap. You tap the mouthpiece of their beer bottle with the bottom of yours so that it explodes all over the place. Make sure you don't hit it too hard or else the bottles may break. You can also wait for them to go to the bathroom and then hide their chair, their cigarette pack, or pull the cell phone trick again. You can also hide from them, which is great if you're a large group. When they come out of the bathroom they will be unable to find you. That should be good for a few laughs.

At A Party

Prank ideas to pull on drunken people at a party are limitless. You have much more freedom to pull pranks in a private residence than you do at a bar. You can put saran wrap on the toilet to cause an accident when they use the bathroom, or you can do anything that embarrasses them front of the other guests. Make certain that the owner of the residence is aware of the prank in advance. It's only common courtesy. Plus, they'll want to be in on the joke.