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One of the best times in a person's life is the years that they spend in their college dorm. Many look back with a fondness of a time when they were living the high life on a shoestring budget. One of the best things that people do in a college dorm to help savor the memories is to engage in pranks. Great college prank ideas are just around the corner if you only sit back and think a little.

Some Hilarious Prank Ideas

Luckily, everything you will need to come up with hilarious prank ideas for your dorm is right at your fingertips. One of the most memorable pranks can be completed with eggs. Most college student can talk their roommate into doing something for money. You can get almost anyone to let you do most anything to them for money. A good prank idea is to offer someone money to put three eggs in their hair. For the first two, you really smear the eggs in well. Then you all of a sudden decide to not use the last egg. You then state that you do not owe them any money since you did not use the third egg.

Other great prank ideas consist of using water and chemistry tubing. With these two components you can flood someone's room and make a slippery slope for them to walk on. You can also hide alarm clocks after they are set for ungodly hours of the night. Prank ideas like these are cheap and really all in good fun. Just remember that when you are playing pranks, what goes around comes around. You will eventually be pranked yourself. Get ready and get creative with great prank ideas to keep the memories flowing.