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Although the majority of the time you can execute prank ideas without any legal or serious consequences, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, pranks can result in someone getting hurt, legal problems, or terminating friendships. It is important to weigh the consequences before executing prank ideas.

For example, bloggers have had legal problems for blogging about matters that are inaccurate. What was an innocent joke to the blogger, resulted in legal issues that made the prankster wish he had never executed his prank idea. Other pranks can land you in jail if you injure or harm someone.

Pranks can also have health consequences. One example is a person with heart problems who is startled or frightened. The sudden reaction could trigger a heart attack or cause his blood pressure to rise.

Thirdly, public embarrassment and humiliation is a consequence that many persons may have a hard time putting behind. Depending on the type of prank, if the person already has low self-esteem or emotional problems, embarrassing him in public could have a detrimental effect.

There is a difference between having a good time and having a good time at someone else's expense. A person that finds himself constantly playing pranks on other people, needs to ask himself why and what he gets out of it. It could be that he is trying to fulfill a need.

Finally, before deciding whether to carry out a prank or not, put yourself in your victim's place. Think about how you would feel if you were the recipient of that prank. Reasoning this way will help you to show consideration for others and to prevent you from having any regrets later on due to serious or legal consequences resulting from your prank ideas.