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Most people think that college is for learning, for preparing for your career, and for finding yourself. Part of the college experience is pulling prank ideas on your friends. If you don't know the basics of how to pull pranks on your friends, then you are wasting a perfectly good college experience. The following are some rules that every college student should know with regards on how to pull pranks. Study them just as you do your college class material and you'll get the most out of your college experience.

No Police

The first rule of prank ideas in college is that you should try to avoid the police whenever possible. The prank ideas should be safe, they shouldn't break any laws, and they should be safe. Prank ideas that you should not get into include anything that involves weapons, moving vehicles, harmful chemicals, or the ingestion of anything toxic. The police tend to frown on prank ideas that cause them to get called out. They especially frown when they have to escort an ambulance due to a college prank.

Embarrassment Is Key

The most important ingredient for any college prank idea is to embarrass the victim totally and completely. Putting a girly ring tone on a really manly guy's cell phone and then calling him in the middle of class will surely embarrass him, and that makes it a great prank idea. Anything that causes the person to walk into public areas nude or partially nude, causes their faces to turn beet red, or anything that causes them to avoid the public for a few days are all great prank ideas.

Groups Are Best

Another great ingredient for college prank ideas is to get lots of people involved. When a group is against one person it adds to the embarrassment and the person is less likely to retaliate because he or she would have to get the entire group back.

Going For Laughs

The last ingredient with college prank ideas is to go for laughter. You don't want the person crying, angry, or wanting to sever the friendship with you. They may get mad at first, but the goal should be laughter in the end.

As long as the police aren't called, the person is severely embarrassed, and the person laughs afterwards, you have just pulled a great college prank. Now try to get to class every now and again so you can actually graduate.