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You're a hot chick. You know it, and everyone else knows it. You're complimented on everything and doors just seem to open for you while they're pretty much closed to everyone else. You take pride in your health and your appearance, and it shows. You can get away with pretty much anything. You leave guys' tongues hanging on the floor and even other women are so jealous of you they either hate you or love you. You can get away with anything. This goes especially true for prank ideas. In fact, hot chicks can get away with so many prank ideas that it's a wonder why more don't pull them off. Prank ideas for hot chicks can range anywhere from leading a guy on to making guys do things they normally wouldn't do. Is it cruel? Yes. Is it funny? No. It's hilarious. You have the power of being a hot chick, so use it.

Funny Pranks on Guys

Most guys are powerless against you. Guys will do pretty much anything for a hot chick so prank ideas are easy to pull on most of them. If a guy asks you out, a common prank idea is to give him a false number. However, there is also a number you can have them dial that will let them know that they've been had. These types of pranks aren't noticeable at first. They're only noticeable when that guy calls the number and realizes a prank has been pulled on him.

Funnier prank ideas you can pull on guys are to lead him on, make him think you're really into him, have him run all kinds of errands for you, and have him get you drinks at the bar only to snub him. While this may be cruel, it's definitely something you can get away with being a hot chick. If nothing else, you can take it as teaching the man not to be so naïve when it comes to doing things for others. We'll call it a life lesson prank idea.


Women may also fall for some of your hot chick prank ideas. Not all women will fall for them but one of the things hot chicks can do is befriend someone they normally wouldn't. Make that woman feel as if you're her best friend. Then pretend you don't know her. This may be considered cruel, but if you play it off and actually befriend the person later on, you may find a friend you normally wouldn't have and you can all laugh about it later.

There are many more prank ideas you can pull off being a hot chick, but you should try to use your powers for good instead of evil.