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Playing practical jokes on each other is almost an unspoken tradition for brothers and sisters. When it comes down to listing the top 10 prank ideas to get your brother or sister, the phrase "it's an oldie but a goodie" rings true.

Short-Sheeting the Bed - This trick has been around forever, but it's still sure to raise a few groans and a few laughs at bedtime.

Itching Powder - Whether you put it in their gloves, socks, or even their underwear, your brother or sister's reaction will be priceless!

Prank Phone Calls - These prank ideas are particularly fun if you're good at imitating foreign accents. They are best made with a friend or two when you know your brother or sister is home alone.

Chili Powder - Lacing your brother or sister's drink with chili powder is one of the oldest and funniest tricks in the book. To make sure they don't catch onto the trick too soon, make sure the cup and beverage isn't see-through.

Rubber Snakes & Spiders - If your brother or sister is terrified of snakes, spiders, or other creepy-crawlies, why not put a rubber one where they least expect it? This trick has maximum effect outdoors.

Midnight Madness - Some of the best prank ideas are ones that you do when your brother or sister is sleeping. Use a marker pen to draw eyebrows or moustaches on them. You can also draw a "beauty spot" that isn't likely to be noticed straightaway. Shave an eyebrow or an arm. This has the most effect if the target is a hairy male. For the ultimate in humiliation, place your sibling's hand in a bucket of cold water to make them wet the bed.

Toilet Humor - If you're going to do this, try to be the last one to go to bed at night. Before going to sleep, place plastic wrap or toothpaste on the toilet seat. Your brother or sister will get a rude shock if they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Hair-Raising Ideas - Fill your sister's hair dryer with baby powder. She'll get the shock of her life when she turns it on and her hair turns white.

Clock Capers - Change the time on your sibling's watch, mobile phone, or alarm clock to half an hour ahead before they wake in the morning. At worst, they'll be extremely confused when the other clocks in the house are different to theirs. At best, they won't notice and will be needlessly rushing out the door early.

More Bedroom Antics - Swap the contents of your sibling's bedroom drawers and cupboards around, and laugh at them when they can't find anything. If you have more than one sibling, swap their clothes. This works great if you have a brother and a sister.