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When you're suffering from summer boredom, planning out pranks to play on people can be a great way to pass the time. Half-brained schemes often backfire, but boredom gives you the opportunity to think through your pranks before you play them. Planning prank ideas when you are bored also allows you to come up with more elaborate prank ideas, as opposed to ones that are trite and overdone.

Little Lies

You might come up with a bogus story or lie that you could use to play a prank on a family member or friend. If you take the time to think of and practice your story when you are suffering from boredom, it will be much more convincing.

Luck of the Draw

A second prank idea you might work on while you are bored allows you to play on society's obsession with winning big. Record an old lottery results announcement and purchase lottery tickets with the same numbers. Then give the tickets to your victim. They will think they've won the lottery, when in fact haven't.

Tricky Time

When you're bored and nobody is around, another one of the prank ideas that is quick and easy is to set all of the clocks in the house ahead or behind by several hours. This works best at night when people are less likely to notice the discrepancy. Make sure no one sees you switch the clocks, or else your hard work will be ruined.

Crazy Crunch

When you have a little time on your hands, another practical joke you could play is switching around cereals. Empty one kind of cereal into a large bowl, and empty another kind into a separate bowl. Pour each bowl back into the wrong box so the next person to eat it will get a surprise.

A Hairy Scare

A final prank idea for when you are bored might leave the victim in a short term panic. Take a shampoo bottle and empty out half of the shampoo. Fill the rest of the bottle with temporary hair dye in any color. The next person to use the shampoo will be scared initially, but afterwards they'll get a good laugh.

All in Good Fun

Pranks are supposed to be fun. Planning pranks when you're bored allows you to make sure the tricks are well planned and in good spirited fun.