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According to an April Fool's Day survey conducted by CareerBuilder.com, 32 percent of workers report initiating a prank or being on the receiving end of a prank at work. Many successful pranks are the same common pranks that people have been playing on each for years. Other pranks are more original. Here is a list of the top ten pranks from the 2008 survey.

Co-workers placed a pair of shoes and pants inside a men's toilet stall to give the appearance that someone is using the stall. Anyone who sees it will think that the same person has been in the stall for hours. Eventually, they may call security thinking that something is wrong with the person.

The number two prank involved sending a love note to a co-worker on behalf of another co-worker.

All the women in the office spoke individually and confidentially with the company's president. They all told him that they were pregnant and requested that he not to tell anyone. By the end of the day, he had received the news that his entire female staff was pregnant, but he could not tell anyone.

Co-workers contacted the utility company on a co-worker's behalf to have the service transferred to a new address.

Took out all the soda cans in a vending machine and replaced them with cans of beer.

Co-workers fixed the boss's chair so that it would drop unexpectedly during a department meeting.

Put a sign on the restroom's door to inform personnel that the company had run out of toilet tissue paper and they needed to use their own resources.

A co-worker received instructions over the speaker to report to the CEO's office. When he did, the CEO did not know him, and did not know why he was in his office.

Co-workers shrink-wrapped everything in an employee's cubicle.

Put a co-worker's house for sale in a newspaper ad.

When determining whether to play a prank on someone, always try to picture the consequences. Pranks that could potentially hurt you or someone else are not good prank ideas. Maintaining a good relationship with your co-workers is more important than a temporary good time.

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