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Is your office environment dull and monotonous? If you want to add a little fun to the work place, why not play some fun pranks on your coworkers? When you consider that you risk the possibility of being fired, playing pranks at work can be a risky proposition. If executed correctly, your pranks will lighten the mood of the office. The key to playing pranks in the work place is to know what to do, and who you can play pranks on. Consider some of the following prank ideas to help lighten the mood at work.

Tricks at the Office are Risky Business

It is important before you implement any prank ideas to make sure that you know who you can play pranks on. You should focus on people who you know will take the joke well and not on people who would become offended. Younger interns and close colleagues are your best bet. You should avoid supervisors, bosses, or anyone who works above you in order to avoid the risk of being fired.

Work and Play

Coming up with prank ideas for the office can be difficult because you have to carefully consider what might be going too far. Prank ideas that interfere with productivity or that affect work related documents are not ideal.

Slick Switcheroos

Many prank ideas you can play on people at the office involve switching objects in a coworker's cubicle. Try swapping the family photos from one cubicle with another. You could even swap out the calendar in the office with a new one containing fake project deadlines.

A Fun Environment

If office pranks are pulled correctly, the office environment can become loads of fun. Your dull days are numbered!